’16/40 Nouvelle Generation’ Exhibition, Paris

Mzo Tarr’s Founder, Adam Tarr, exhibits along with the other 2016 Europe 40 Under 40 Laureates A la Maison de l’architecture, Paris.


Design For Tomorrow

On June 30th, our founder, Adam Tarr spoke to an audience of 800 regional architects and designers in Bangkok for a master conference organized by Greenlam and Indesign Media Asia, focusing on design innovation.


’40U40′ exhibition, Athens, Greece

The European Center of Architecture, Art Design and Urban Studies & The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design hosts ’40U40′. Celebrating Europe’s brightest and most progressive emerging architects under the age of 40.


Europe 40 Under 40

The European Center for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design has announced Adam Tarr, Principal of MZO TARR Architects, as 2016/7 Laureate of “Europe 40 Under 40.”

Europe 40 Under 40® is a bi-annual awards program that celebrates the next new talented generation of European architects. The program is directed to support new and emerging design talent that will influence the near future of European architectural design, thinking, and theory with the direct consequence of impacting future environments and future European and international cities. The key is to bring wider recognition to 40 of the most promising emerging architects working in the European Union and other countries inside Europe, fostering and encouraging new talent and new creative thinking at the forefront of tomorrow’s profession.


Presh Talwalkar, Game Theory Author analyses our work in ‘Mind Your Decisions’

The author of The Joy of Game Theory: An Introduction to Strategic Thinking takes a look at a few of our projects


Cornell University Game Theory

Cornell University, New York, wrote a blog post about our work using Game Theory within Architecture. Read it here:



Archinect feature

Read Archinect’s interview with Mzo Tarr’s founder, Adam Tarr about Game Theory in architecture.


Award for Innovation

We are pleased to announce, for a second year running, we have won Build Magazine’s (2016) Architecture Award for Innovation, for our work in the field of Game Theory.


Pre-application submitted for Brentwood, Essex mixed use scheme

Mzo Tarr Architects have submitted a pre-application planning enquiry for a residential-led development to Brentwood Council for the redevelopment of a 0.034 hectare site, located 0.3 miles south of Brentwood high street.


Tower 42 Exhibition

Brandler Galleries exhibits ‘Stag vs. Hunt’ at Tower 42, London UK


Flossie & The Fox

Mzo Tarr Architects have recently completed the concept design for an Arizona prison based upon the fable Flossie & The Fox.  By designing a game of imperfect information, we created a self-enforcing mechanism in order to regulate prisoner behaviour and reduce recidivism.


Team: Adam Tarr, Alexanderu Senciuc, Jelena Despotović, Peter Fazakas with special thanks to Patrick McNutt


Mixed use scheme

Weeks of research into the ‘Others’ including Councillors to create a series of connected ‘Utility’ curves helped deliver an unexpected program.


‘Studio’ magazine: Let us learn from John Nash’s beautiful mind

We have just taken receipt of our contributors copy of STUDIO magazine issue 09 ‘Beyond’, which opens up with our paper on Game Theory in the urban environment. You can order your copy here:


Livewire Win

We have won LiveWire’s 2016 ‘Innovation & Excellence Awards within Architecture, UK’ for our work in Game Theory



We are pleased to announce our collaborative sculpture ‘Stag vs Hunt’ will be displayed this March in Central London. Location and date will be revealed soon.



Competition win: Call for papers

We are pleased to announce that our paper entitled ‘Let us learn from John Nash’s ‘Beautiful Mind’ ‐ Game Theory in architecture’ has been selected to contribute to the forthcoming issue of STUDIO #09 BEYOND, due to be published in January 2016




New Commission – Residential Scheme

Mzo Tarr Architects have been selected to redevelop an urban site within the boundaries of the enlarged Brentwood Town Centre Conservation Area.



Pleased to announce the launch of our new website game. The concept was originally based around ‘Balance‘, a short film which won the Academy Award for Best Animation Short in 1989  and alludes to certain principles of Game Theory; before developing into a game using barriers to prevent the ball rolling off.


Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council grants planning permission for our Rhubarb scheme

The project will create a game using a series of responsive polycarbonate columns to encourage energy saving


‘Nash’ Pursuit tower explained

In June, Adam Tarr, was asked to speak at Greece’s first National Mediation and Conflict Resolution summit in Nafplio (2 hours outside Athens) on Game Theory. Here he explains their design for a London tower.


Game teaser

Functionality recordings taken during the development of our upcoming website game



How important is company branding for an architecture firm?

5 architects give their opinion to the online architectural magazine TheArchBiz, including our own Principal, Adam Tarr

read the article and opinions here


Award for Innovation

For our work in the field of Game Theory, Mzo Tarr Architects have been presented with Build Magazine’s 2015 Architecture Award for Innovation.


Domus Nova loves Mzo Tarr

The Domus Nova guide on London’s architectural firms. Giving you their selection of only the very best…


Tetris House receives over 500 likes when published on Homify, Korea

Read article here:


How architects can learn from the Greek debt crisis

The full article can also be found here:

Yanis Varoufakis may have resigned today as Greece’s Finance Minister, but he was a Game Theorist and used this in his negotiations with the EU over debt repayments. So could tools and concepts taken from Game Theory help architects offer a different approach to the UK’s confrontational planning system?

The current Euro crisis has been well documented. The Greeks are on their financial knees with cap in hand, as the EU request further unpalatable concessions. The banks are closed following billions of Euros being withdrawn in the last week alone. As the negotiations continue and Greece defaults, the Greek people are left wondering what next?

In times of crisis, litigation increases, but the Greek courts are already full and their judicial system is failing. Could the answer be found by 1,200 Greeks, ironically mainly lawyers, who have found the current system wanting and decided now is the time for reform? Many of them, successful lawyers in their own right, have retrained as mediators and are trying to drag the Greek public into the world of mediation as a faster and more cost effective alternative to dispute resolution. But without any mandate from Brussels on the horizon, this could be a very slow and costly uphill battle.

I had the privilege of being asked to speak at the first National Mediation and Conflict Resolution summit in Nafplio (approx two hours from Athens) last week on the use of Game Theory as a tool for negotiation. Game Theory, the study of strategic decision making, has hit the press recently with not only the tragic death of the Nobel prize winning game theorist and mathematician John Nash, (famously played by Russell Crowe in the film, A Beautiful Mind), but because Greece’s Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, himself a published author on the subject, is sitting in the eye of the Brussels storm, with all of Europe wondering what game is he playing.

Read more


National Mediation and Conflict Resolution summit talk, Nafplio, Greece

In June, Adam Tarr, was asked to speak at the first National Mediation and Conflict Resolution summit in Nafplio (2 hours outside Athens) on the use of Game Theory as a tool for negotiation.


How John Nash’s Beautiful Mind could live on in a new generation of building

Adam Tarr of Mzo Tarr Architects argues that architects who don’t learn to use game theory are missing out on a valuable tool.

John Forbes Nash Jr, who died in a car crash last month, is known to many from the Russell Crowe film A Beautiful Mind. For those who are not Crowe fans, Nash shared the Nobel Prize in 1994 for his incredible work in the field of game theory.

Game theory is used in business, biology, sport and politics but has remained relatively absent from architecture. We think that should change. And for years, Mzo Tarr Architects has collaborated and lectured with international professors on the subject.

To read the complete article click on the link below:


The Godfather of Game Theory dies

Any time a decision is to be made between 2 or more people, you can use Game Theory to help identify which is the best decision or strategy. Think about that when you next buy a car, play football or even pay your taxes. It’s important because we are all constantly making strategic decisions in both our professional and personal lives, most of the time without even realising it. Therefore the application of Game Theory is huge. It is used in:

Business, where it can analyse competitors and help you set the best price for your product;

In biology, when trying to understand the relationships between predators and their prey;

In sport, from which chess move to make next, to where to shoot your penalty in football or even where to serve in tennis;

In politics, it has been used by politicians to understand how to maximise votes and by governments to help create defence strategies;

In fact it can even help with your dating… .

click here for full article:



Never underestimate the importance of FUN in a person’s decision making process.

How can you make people use the underground stairs when there is an escalator next to it? Well the answer is simple. Turn them into piano keys! Never underestimate the importance of FUN in a person’s decision making process.

See the video and results here: You will be amazed!

This project in Stockholm was one of the inspirations for the staircase game we are currently designing for a house in North London. Each step relates to the energy use of a different room in the house, so that it will glow a different colour depending on that room’s energy use.   Think of the energy bar on a battery. This is to encourage friendly competition amongst the children and of course save money and provide a bit of a talking point.


Homify article

Tetris House Project features in Homify’s Latest Ideas book –

‘London luxury: Evolution of a traditional family bungalow’

‘The house you are about to see in Chiswick, is the result of a wonderfully resolved and executed design by Mzo Tarr Architects. Titled Tetris, the family of this home had outgrown the current chalet bungalow, and wanted a new house to replace their dilapidated residence. Prior to Mzo Tarr Architects undertaking the work on the property, three failed attempts had been made by other architects. Not only this, but the bungalow contained a melange of 4 different architectural styles, requiring the architects to find a balance between modern, functional, and environmentally friendly design. It also required a solution to be found that both neighbours, planning authorities and conservation officers could be happy with—what a task indeed!’

To read more visit:



Job title: 3d Designer_We are currently seeking a Part I or Part II Architect (Part-time) with strong graphic and 3d expertise.

Responsibilities – to develop 3D concept work for presentation and fabrication

Qualities and skills required

  • > 3d software Rhino & Grasshopper  as well as Photoshop and Illustrator
  • > Excellent graphic skills
  • > Ability to take initiative in response to direction or instruction
  • > Ability to hit deadlines



Adam Tarr gives talk on strategic games at varying scales – ranging from a 30cm concrete cube all the way up to a 13 floor residential tower


Penalty shoot-out

It’s a World Cup penalty shoot‐out. What does the kicker do? Place the ball to the keeper’s left or blast it to down the middle and hope for the best? The decision the kicker takes could make him a national hero. Or, if he misses, haunt him for the rest of his days.
Some say penalties are a lottery but in fact they’re a classic example of Game Theory – the study of strategic decision‐making.

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R.A.I Television

Adam Tarr appears on R.A.I Television – Documentary ‘Architectural legacies’


Website launch

Mzo Tarr brand and new website has launched check it out!


Architect’s Journal, UK

Architect’s Journal, UK article


Grand Designs Live, Excel Eco Living Magazine

‘“We try to understand the decisions people make, and why they make them,” says Adam Tarr, founder and principal of RIBA-chartered disPLAY architecture, based in Soho. “Creating a well insulated building is no good if the occupant is going to walk around opening all the windows.”

That’s the design thinking behind this stunning five-bedroom, four-storey contemporary house in Chiswick, London, and, indeed, behind all disPLAY’s work. It’s a deceptively simple philosophy that can be applied not just to stunning new-builds like this one, but also to a retrofit. Lucy Jolin talks to architect Adam Tarr about the eco design at the heart of his five bedroom contemporary house in Chiswick.


‘Absolutely Chiswick’ Magazine

click here to read article >

[pages 52-54]